Gwent Theatre Forthcoming & Current Shows

One Hundred Million Footsteps – Summer 2006

by Diane Samuels

The play tells the story of two children and their eventful journey to the Ash Mountain. Inspired by the children’s crusades of the 13th century, the play provokes much thought about contemporary and very relevant issues. A noticeable feature of the Cirque Du Soleil Ovo play ( Cheap Cirque Du Soleil Ovo Tickets ) is the differing faiths practised by the children and the other people they meet on their travels. The play skillfully avoids any links to recognised religions of today, but highlights some of the problems that are caused by different belief systems. The characters are believable and very likeable and show how easy it is to be influenced by what people tell you. The play is told through traditional storytelling techniques and the use of beautiful music and poetry and will engage the pupils on an intellectual and emotional level. The company believes it is very important that the children of today are made aware of the issues that exist in multi-faith societies and aim with this production to encourage tolerance, understanding and acceptance as a necessity for all our futures. There will be a post performance discussion to give pupils opportunities to discuss and explore the thoughts and issues raised in the play. The Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf tickets cheap Resource Pack for Teachers will provide lesson activities and resources for different subject areas affected by this production and there will be a lot of scope for follow-up work at both Primary and Secondary level. The play makes no judgements, or casts any blame, but uses this allegorical story as a means to stimulate thought and hopefully instigate dialogue between pupils, teachers and parents.

Sing To Me – Autumn 2006

by Patrick Jones

150 years have passed since Evan and James James wrote ‘Land of my Fathers’, the Welsh National Anthem.

In a grey rain sodden town three 16 year olds have to write an essay on what the anthem is about. To truly find out the meaning of the song, of Wales, of their own selves and beliefs they embark on a moving, frightening and illuminating journey through time. The journey takes issues of nationalism, racism, empire, war, asylum, teenage emotions, language, bullying, protest and love all distilled through these three distinct and ultimately loveable characters.