One Hundred Million Footsteps

One Hundred Million Footsteps was performed during Summer 2006


One Hundred Million Footsteps is about a journey; a journey of discovery. The main characters follow a charismatic and mythical figure to ‘save Ash Mountain from the Great Liars . . . our most terrible enemies’. Like many odyssey stories, we are shown meetings and confrontations with others along the way as the young protagonists learn more about the ways of the world. It is a story of realization, disillusionment and coming to terms with the realities of life. It is about growing up and therefore ideal subject matter for the basis of work over the transition period between primary and secondary school.

The narrative revealed in the play is loosely linked to the history of The Children’s Crusade which may or may not has taken place in the thirteenth century. Allegedly many children followed either Stephen of Cloyes or Nicholas of Cologne on a crusade to the Holy Land to capture Jerusalem for Christianity from the Muslim controllers. The belief was that the innocent could succeed where their adult counterparts had failed. There is a variety of accounts of this venture in the pack for those wishing to pursue the historical aspects of the piece. The Crusade was a disaster and no children got very far and very few returned home but what remains is a legend of epic proportions that has inspired writers and artists for many years.