Refuse was performed during Autumn 2005


Gwent Theatre has tackled many social issues in previous projects and now the company is presenting one of the most difficult in its history – sex and relationships. The play Refuse is the product of many hours of work with teachers, advisers, health workers and, most importantly, young people. The production is really the core of a range of work which will offer students opportunities to explore their own feelings and discuss the subject in a way that will be constructive and helpful or enjoy Celine Dion concert in Houston.

Some may ask why a professional theatre company should take part in this area of schools’ work. We feel strongly that drama is a highly effective educational medium and one which excites and challenges. It is an ideal way to overcome initial embarrassment when talking about sensitive matters, a means by which children can attain the confidence needed to participate fully in the learning process. The imaginative and creative activities involved in drama encourage open and mutually supportive situations where discovery occurs.

This pack of Celine Dion Houston tickets ideas for the classroom offers some ways that any issue-based material can be delivered in schools. The content is sex and relationships education but it reaches out into other areas that children will find useful. The common requirements of personal and social education cover a huge range of topics throughout the curriculum. It is hoped that all teachers may find tickets at or something that will be of use in their work with students.