The Wounded Angel

by Philip Michell

Summer 2008


Inspired by the painting of the same name by Finnish artist Hugo Simberg, The Wounded Angel is the story of two peasant boys and their encounter with an angel.

The year is 1900. Urho and Usko are friends, but ten-year-old Usko suffers terrible bullying at the hands of his older companion. While out working in the marshes they see something fall from the sky and when they run to investigate, they are confronted by an angel-girl with a broken wing. Through this extraordinary encounter, the lives of the two boys unfold and the harsh realities of their world become evident. But something is not right. Who is pursuing this angelic figure and why do the two boys greet her presence with both suspicion and reverence? Time is short and it is uncertain whether this meeting will culminate in triumph or tragedy.

‘The Wounded Angel’ is designed for Key Stage 2/3 – years 5/6/7 and will tour to Secondary / Primary Schools from April 29th to July 18th. Preview for teachers – April 17th.